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Teeth Whitening

Take Your Smile from Dull to Dazzling with Professional Teeth Whitening

80% of Americans aged 18 to 49 want whiter teeth.

Achieve a bright, youthful-looking smile with dentist-administered teeth whitening. Most likely, the stunningly white teeth of celebrities and those in the society pages aren’t due solely to genetics. Many of those smiles were created through the magic of cosmetic dentistry, including professional teeth whitening. Now, you can claim your star-quality smile! We’ll whiten your teeth in our office or give you a take-home kit to use on your own time frame. With professional teeth whitening from Dr. Koplin, it’s never been easier to attain a stunning smile.

What causes dental staining?

A variety of factors contribute to dental discoloration. Coffee, tea, red wine, and staining foods such as berries and curry aren’t kind to teeth. Tobacco also causes staining. In addition, teeth tend to develop a yellowish cast as we age.

In-office bleaching vs. take-home teeth whitening: Which one is right for me?

The optimal teeth whitening method for your situation depends on your expectations, schedule, and individual needs. After an examination of your teeth and discussion of your preferences, the dentist will recommend the method that’s best for you.

In-office bleaching with Zoom! Professional Whitening works fast – in less than an hour – to remove stains and discolorations. We’ll apply a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth while you sit back and relax. The gel quickly penetrates teeth to safely erase stains. Schedule your teeth whitening appointment with Zoom! before work, on your lunch break, or anytime that’s convenient for you. You’ll leave our office with a brilliant smile!

With take-home teeth whitening, we create bleaching trays designed from an impression of your smile. The custom fit ensures comfortable whitening and all-over results. Your personalized kit will also contain a two-week supply of professional-strength teeth whitening gel. Just follow the instructions provided by Dr. Koplin and watch a brighter smile emerge. You’ll love looking in the mirror to admire the dazzling results!

Teeth Whitening in Mt. Laurel

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