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Dental Crowns

Regain Comfortable Dental Function with a Custom-Made Crown

Crowns, also called caps, typically last 10 years or longer. Some have been nkown to last up to 40 years.

Dr. Koplin may suggest a custom-made crown to preserve a tooth damaged by a fracture, extensive decay, or extreme wear. A crown is a lab-created tooth-shaped shell that fits snugly over a structurally unsound or awkwardly shaped tooth. It’s a conservative treatment option to renew and safeguard dental health.

We’ll design your crown with a focus on optimal esthetics and comfort. Crowns may be constructed of porcelain, metal, or porcelain fused to metal. The location of your tooth and the biting and chewing forces endured dictate the type of material used for your custom crown. To maintain an attractive, all-white smile, Dr. Koplin typically recommends porcelain crowns to restore teeth that show when you smile.

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